Can I use an online notary, e-notary,
or virtual notary service to notarize
the authorization form?

Your online, virtual, remote, and e-notary stamp must look like one of the real-life examples that we have received below. On the Designation To Obtain a Vital Record, the words electronic, remote, or online must be shown on the document to prove to Texas Vital Records it was done electronically.

Every U.S. state has different notarial laws so it will vary from state to state what the electronic notary stamp will look like and what exact notary verbiage will be placed on a document.


Online Notarization Example

Online Notarization Example

E Notarization Example

Online Notarization Example2


Yes, we highly recommend using an online, virtual, remote, and e-notary and not a regular notary public in your local area to notarize the Designation To Obtain a Vital Record form.

If you use an online notary service Texas Vital Records allows you to email the Designation To Obtain a Vital Record form to us along with the other three required ordering documents. Thus avoiding the time, money, and hassle of having to mail the original form to us which can be lost or delayed in the mail.

We recommend using a State of Virginia online notary service company since Virginia was the first state to legalize online notarizations, they have the most distinct electronic notarization and this company only charges $25.  ==>

Using an online notary public to electronically notarize the Designation To Obtain a Vital Record authorization form is cheaper than having to pay for notary public services in your local area, the gas spent to travel to a notary and then a shipping center, and paying to mail your documents to us via FedEx or UPS.

Not to mention all the valuable time you will save.

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