Can you do same day birth certificate
or death certificate obtainment for me?



No, we sadly can’t any longer.

As of August 15, 2022, Texas Vital Records will no longer allow any third-party requestors (aka third-party companies, couriers, or people) to same day obtain vital records for other people).

See the letter above that was sent to us.

The fastest turnaround time possible now in 2023 and going forward is it will take us 24 hours to in-person file your application form once we get all four required documents (if we receive them by noon CST) from you + 48-72 hours for the State of Texas to issue your new vital records.

We have no control over how long it will take the state to issue your birth or death records once we file your application. The state also doesn’t update us (meaning we can’t update you) on the status of your filing once we file it in person at their office.

The state officially “says” 24-48 hours but in reality, it takes them 48-72 hours to issue new Texas birth certificates and Texas death certificate certified copies once they receive the application and all the paperwork that we file in person with them on your behalf.

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