The Texas Designation To Obtain a
Vital Record form needs to be notarized
can I use a notary in any state?

Yes, a licensed notary public in any of the 50 U.S States can be used by you to notarize the Texas Designation To Obtain a Vital Record authorization form that the State of Texas requires to be completed to allow us (Birth Certificate Texas) to file and obtain a new certified raised seal Texas birth certificate, Texas death certificate, or Texas birth, death, marriage, or divorce verification letter on your behalf.

We recommend you hire a USA online, virtual, and e-notary to electronically notarize the Designation To Obtain a Vital Records form via a webcam conference call. If you use e-notary services you can EMAIL the form to us thus avoiding having to mail the original form or any other documents to us.

If you’re living outside the U.S you will need to go to either the U.S embassy or a consulate in your country and have them notarize the Texas Designation To Obtain a Vital Record form. Then you must mail the original signed and notarized form to us or hire a U.S online/virtual notary to notarize your documents electronically so you can EMAIL the document to us.


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