Texas Birth Certificate

  • 48-72 hours Texas birth certificate service available.
  • Live phone and email support.
  • We can obtain Texas birth records for every city and county.
  • Official raised seal certified Texas birth certificates.

Texas Death Certificate

  • 48-72 hours Texas death certificate service available.
  • Live phone and email support.
  • We can obtain Texas death records for every city and county.
  • Official certified Texas death certificates.

Texas Marriage
Verification Letter

  • 48-72 hours Texas marriage verification letter service available.
  • Live phone and email support.
  • We can obtain Texas marriage verification letters for every county and city in Texas.

Texas Divorce
Verification Letter

  • 48-72 hours Texas divorce verification letter service available.
  • Live phone and email support.
  • We can obtain Texas divorce verification letters for every county and city in Texas.

Texas Birth
Verification Letter

  • 48-72 hours Texas birth verification letter service available.
  • Live phone and email support.
  • We can obtain Texas birth verification letters for every county and city in Texas.

Texas Death
Verification Letter

  • 48-72 hours Texas death verification letter service available.
  • Live phone and email support.
  • We can obtain Texas death verification letters for every county and city in Texas.

Why Trust Birth
Certificate Texas?



Birth Certificate Texas is available by phone and email to help hold all Texas residents and non-Texas residents hands through the extremely confusing and frustrating (a few choice cuss words will be probably be muttered by you) and turtle slow moving Texas Vital Statistics Unit (VSU) records requested bureaucracy waters.

Knowing this fact we built our Texas Vital Statistics Records frequently asked questions (FAQ) database to have hundreds of record verification questions with detailed answers, laws, samples, and examples which makes it the largest of its kind in the online vital record orders and document courier services industries.

This massive over two thousand page website that you landed on (good job online Christopher Columbus) is also the biggest of its kind in the document vital records processing service industry and has dozens of educational videos and instructional step-by-step graphics that will help explain what to do when you request certificates, what not to do, and show you are simple upfront document couriers price fee structure when it comes to having Birth Certificate Texas quickly obtain a copy of your birth records, death records, or any other type of vital records orders from the State of Texas Vital Statistics Office.

Please also take a peek at our blog and testimonials page that has dozens of testimonial reviews from some of our happy nationwide birth certificate services near me customers.



Birth Certificate Texas provides people, organizations, and businesses the fastest service to online ordering a birth certificate through expedited document protected records research, Texas Vital Statistics Section walk in service document obtainment and Texas birth certificate replacement turnaround times.

If we receive the information required to order a birth certificate from you or one of your immediate family members (you never have to travel anywhere) which is a signed and notarized one-page authorization form, a valid (non-expired) photocopy of an approved U.S government-issued identification, a prepaid FedEx or UPS return shipping label, and our one-page PDF order online form completed by 4pm CST.

We will on your behalf emergency rush 48-72 hours expedite file your Texas births records or Texas death records requested application and pick up for you raised seal long form version Texas birth certificates, official certified Texas death certificates, Texas marriage verification letters, Texas divorce verification letters, Texas birth verification letters, or a Texas death verification letters.

We can also obtain for you from the State of TX Vitals Office an official Texas Certificate of No Record of a Marriage letter if you order Texas Vital Records online with us.

This marriage verification document once obtained usually needs to go through one more step and be issued an apostille certificate or authentication certificate from the Texas Secretary of State (TXSOS) in Austin, TX and/or the U.S Department of State (USDOS) and a foreign embassy or consulate office in Washington D.C.

Yes, our sister company can also same day rush file and obtain for you a Texas apostille certificate or Texas authentication certificate on this document or any type of documents at the Texas Secretary of State office in Austin, TX.

This Single Status Affidavit legal document is normally required for a person that wants to marry someone in a foreign non-USA country.

This document is called many names by different countries such as a Record Certificate of No Marriage, Certificate of No Impediment, Single Status Statement, Record of No Marriage Letter, No Marital Status Certificate, or a Negative Statement of Marriage record.

48-72 hour Texas birth certificate service you say?

Yep, we offer the fastest way to order a birth certificate online in Texas.

We’re like Speedy Gonzalez on a constant IV drip of Red Bull fast!

To recap by hiring Birth Certificate Texas (government-issued certified vital records processed services rogue super heroes for hire) you’ll never have to fly, drive, or park anywhere, you’ll never have to pray for the sweet release of death while standing in line and waiting in some dreadful government agency office that smells like grandma’s moldy feet (sorry grandma just being honest) for up to four horrible hours.

Four miserable hours wasted away that you’ll never get back in your life.

Yes, the painful waiting in line times can be up to four hours long at the Texas Vital Records office in Austin, TX when ordering official birth certificates.

But if you love being trapped like a rat in a little room with tons of people obnoxiously talking loudly on their cellphones, coughing, sneezing, blowing their noses, burping, yelling (at the government staff), eating food, passing gas, and dozens of kids running around crying and screaming like little possessed demons that you swear were put on this earth just to torment you then this my friend will be like heaven for you.

If however you would prefer to avoid hellish government prison like a sane non-crazy person then don’t worry your pretty little head off because that’s what Birth Certificate Texas does for you we “take the pain” so you don’t have to feel any pain when you need to urgent order a Texas birth certificate or Texas death certificate fast.

Think of us as your very own how to obtain it Texas vital records online documents guardian angel or fairy godmother.

Minus being able to fly, grant pretty princesses wishes, and sprinkling unlimited fairy dust on whoever or whatever we want.

Birth Certificate Texas prides itself on always trying to under promise and over deliver (we’re a freakish Texas online records service company unicorn in that regard) so at no additional cost to you we’ll also email you a order status photo of your newly issued certified official Texas birth certificate copy or certified official Texas death certificate copy before we drop the document originals back in the mail to you.



They’re many different birth certificate order methods but with Birth Certificate Texas you can order an official Texas birth certificate online which is the quickest way to order birth certificate in Texas instead of trying to find a birth certificate office near me.

We’ll retrieve your official Texas Vital Statistics documents and express records request a birth records or death records search for you on any type of Texas Department of State Health Services Vital Statistics Unit government issued record no matter what county or city that you currently live in Texas, the United States, or the world.

This includes the four types of Texas birth certificates:

  • An official raised seal certified copy of a long form birth certificate (this is the full sized birth certificate long version that you must order and have to be able to renew or apply to get a United States passport or passport card, visa, proof of residency, proof of citizenship, obtaining a SIM card, opening a bank account overseas, or for a foreign traveling abroad vacation trips and boarding international cruise lines), short form birth certificates (also called birth abstracts or standard sizes which can be used to enroll or register your kids in camps, for newborns, adoption, hospital or lost birth certificates, schools, youth sports leagues, medicaid, medicare, military enrollment, registering marriage licenses or marriage records or divorce decrees or divorce records, inheritance, child support, family genealogy ancestry history, personal identification, veteran benefits, social security cards, work employment registration, school study abroad programs, insurance benefits), or decorative heirloom birth certificates (bassinet or Texas flag style) version Texas birth certificate. (1903-present)
  • An official state certified copy of a Texas death certificate. (Last 25 years only)
  • Official certified verification of a birth Texas birth verification letters. (1903-present)
  • Official certified verification of a death Texas death verification letters. (1903-present)
  • Official certified verification of a marriage Texas marriage verification letters. (1966-present)
  • Official certified verification of a divorce Texas divorce verification letters. (1968-present)

If you live in Dallas, Fort Worth, El Paso, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Laredo, Abilene, Amarillo, Odessa, Midland, Houston, Arlington, Plano, Irving, Killeen, Waco, Brownsville, or Lubbock you don’t have to take off a whole day or half day off of work in your busy life to fly, drive, park, and pay toll fees to Austin, Texas.



You get to choose where in the world you want us to mail your Texas Vital Records registrar documents back to once we obtain them from the State of Texas Vital Statistics Unit for you.

You get to choose what shipping courier near me (FedEx, UPS) that you want to use when we mail your Texas office of vital records documents back to you.

You get to choose how fast and pricing affordable you want your document records shipped back to you by a courier company via overnight delivery, two or three day express, ground shipping, or regular postal mail (we highly recommend that you never ship with USPS).

You get to choose if you want to pay Birth Certificate Texas with a major credit card, debit card, PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, Bitcoin, or Ethereum (crypto).

No one size fits all cookie cutter template options with Birth Certificate Texas.

Side note: If for some reason you don’t order Texas birth certificates online from Birth Certificate Texas (that will make us really clown sad) at least heed our warning and never send a business in the request vital records department near me industry cash, Western union, MoneyGram, a money order or a cashier’s check.

The reason being is birth certificate service companies that demand and require that you only send them cash or certified payment funds are usually fraudulent scam artists or at best unprofessional terribly reviewed and operated businesses.

Just ask yourself how many present day (2022) legitimate, professional, and customer service focused (or obsessed like us) offline or online businesses refuse to accept credit cards, debit cards, Venmo, Cash App, and PayPal for payment from their potential customers? Zero!



Unlike every national rush document records retrieval and Texas Vital Statistics courier companies that advertise online that they can obtain state vital records documents for anyone in all fifty U.S states.

Birth Certificate Texas’s highly experienced state background checked staff only obtain a birth certificate and hand file in person vital record birth certificate and vital records applications for and at the State of Texas (no other states) in Austin, TX.

This happens in the city of Austin where our company Birth Certificate Texas is based and it’s where the lone Austin Vital Statistics agency office location is at where getting a birth certificate in Texas is possible.

Which means ordering a Texas birth certificate online from us is the fastest way of ordering birth certificates online for you or for immediate family members.

Please note companies like VitalChek, Fast Birth Certificates, and most other order your birth certificate online companies in this industry don’t actually expedite anything for you.

They simply fill out and mail in your Texas vital records application form to the state for you (something you can do yourself) or even more crazy and outrageous is they fill out the Texas birth certificate order application form for you with the information that you provide them.

Then they mail the completed Texas birth or death records application worksheet back to you (say what?) so you have to mail the official Texas vital records application form into the Texas Vital Statistics office yourself to insure obtaining a birth certificate.

After all of that wasted time costs, money, and effort by you it will still take Austin Vital Records the standard three to twelve months or longer to validate your identification requirements, research look up, process, issue, and mail your Texas birth record order or Texas death record order back to you.

Don’t take our word on this.

Go to our why choose us page right now to see dozens of Google and Yelp review screenshots and links to multiple other review sites from people in the exact same situation as you and your family are in right now.

Sadly these people made the painful mistake of ordering a certified copy of a birth certificate in Texas online and then mailed their Texas birth certificate application form or Texas death certificate application form directly into the State of Texas Vital Records office instead of hiring us.

People from all around the country share their obtain birth record copy horror stories about how long they had to wait on the phone for up to three hours when they called the official Texas Vital Records phone number, how none of their emails have ever been returned by Texas.gov or after two years of waiting they still haven’t received certified copies of birth certificates that they ordered via mail from the State of Texas.

Two years!

Please be smart, not cheap (remember you get what you pay for in this life) and get your official birth certificate by hiring Birth Certificate Texas the fastest of the fast (48-72 hour turnaround) and bestest of the best expedited Texas online vital records processing time experts today.

We Texas taco pinky swear promise that you won’t be sorry that you did.