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Please note this is our business mailing address only.

Your official Texas birth certificate and Texas death certificate certified copies are NOT issued at this address.

We DO NOT take walk-in clients aka walk-in services.

You CANNOT travel to us.

You CANNOT order by phone.

We CANNOT help you obtain vital records documents for any other states or countries. Meaning you or someone else had to been legally born or died in the State of Texas and no other states for us to be able to help you. 

You must send us the FOUR required application documents (you must MAIL us the signed and notarized original Designation To Obtain a Vital Record form for all birth and death certificate orders unless you use a virtual/online/e-notary service to watch you sign the form and they electronically notarize the document via webcam but you can always EMAIL us the other three required documents) that will allow Birth Certificate Texas to rush submit an application and physically obtain and mail back to you within 72-96 hours a new certified Texas birth certificate copy, certified Texas death certificate copy, or divorce, marriage, death, or birth verification letters from Texas Vital Statistics.

Please note you are only paying us to rush submit your application paperwork physically in person to the Texas Vital Records office. If you make a spelling, signature, name, or date error of any kind on the Texas Designation To Obtain a Vital Record form which will lead Texas Vital Records to reject your application or if no birth/death record is found by the State of Texas we receive our full service fees. There are no refunds of any kind for any reason.

So please triple check your information on this form before you send it to us.

We (nor any company or person) CANNOT help you expedite the Texas vital records application process if you need to change, delete, or correct any information on a Texas birth certificate or Texas death certificate (it’s called by the state a birth certificate amendment and a death certificate amendment).

If you need to change, delete, or correct any information on any birth certificate or death certificate you must do this directly through Texas Vital Records by mail. It can’t be done in person by anyone (including you) hence why our company can’t help you and it will take Texas Vital Statistics normally 6-12 months or longer (no kidding) to fully process your birth or death record amendment order. 

We can only help you rush obtain a new certified birth certificate copy or a certified death certificate copy if a person was legally born or died in the State of Texas and that verified record is in the state vital records database. 

You must sign your legal name on the Designation To Obtain a Vital Record form EXACTLY how you signed your name on the ID photocopy that you email us which is required by the State of Texas to verify your identity.

Meaning however you signed your name (how it looks) on your driver’s license, passport, state identification card, or military ID card that is EXACTLY how your signature must look on the Designation To Obtain a Vital Record form that you must sign in front of a U.S notary (you cannot use a non-US notary public). 

If you don’t do this Texas Vital Records will reject your application because they think it’s a forgery and not you. 

Also, your signature on the Designation To Obtain a Vital Record form must be an original (wet ink) and not a photocopy/autopen of your signature. The state will catch this everytime if you try this (people have), then they’ll reject your application, and you’ll be out all the money you paid us to rush file your application.

If they reject your application because of signature error you will have to send us a new resigned and notarized Designation To Obtain a Vital Record form as well as pay our full services fees for a second time. With that said please make sure you look at whatever ID you email us to use for verification purposes and then sign the Designation To Obtain a Vital Record exactly the same way and infront of a notar

Lastly, Texas law limits (see the specific law code below) that only ten birth certificate copies can ever be issued in a lifetime on any single Texas birth record. Meaning if ten birth certificate copies have already been ordered and issued to you, other family members, and/or companies in the past you nor anyone else will never be able to get another one issued!

Birth Certificate Texas receives our full service fee listed on the order form that you must sign if this happens. Please do your own due diligence before you order with us to see if you and other family members have ordered birth certificate copies in the past and how many certified copies were ordered.

25 Tex. Admin. Code § 181.24 – Abused, Misused, or Flagged Records
Current through Reg. 47, No. 14; April 8, 2022


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Before you contact us check out our FAQ database that has hundreds of answers to almost any question that you may have about Texas vital records and document records services that we provide.

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