Why Choose
Birth Certificate Texas?

If you’re thinking to yourself why should I pay more money for our expedited Texas birth certificate and Texas death certificate service while getting world-class customer service instead of going directly through the State of Texas?

  • Do you value your time?
  • Do you value your sanity?
  • Would you like to order your Texas birth certificate or Texas death certificate without having to physically travel anywhere?
  • Do you value being able to talk to an English speaking person on the phone?
  • Do you value someone answering and returning your emails within 24 hours or less?
  • Do you absolutely need an official raised seal certified long form or short form Texas birth certificate or Texas death certificate in under three months?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then going through the Texas Vital Records system directly is not for you my friend. Unless of course, you’re a masochist who enjoys bringing pain and misery into your life on purpose

What You Can
Expect If You Hire
Birth Certificate Texas?

  • We return all emails in twenty-four hours or less. Most in a few hours.
  • Customer service by email and phone.
  • An English speaking person will try to answer all your questions the best they can.
  • If we receive these four documents by 4pm CST (a one-page order form, a signed by you one-page authorization form that you must get notarized and MAIL to us (this is the only document that the state requires the original of), a prepaid return FedEx or UPS shipping label, and a valid government ID photocopy) that we need from you by email we guarantee to rush file your application to receive a Texas birth certificate or Texas death certificate within 24 hours (excluding weekends, government holidays, zombie apocalypses, orc uprisings, or alien invasions). Then Texas Vital Records will take 48-72 hours to issue your new birth or death records to us.
  • We take a photo of your new Texas birth certificate or Texas death certificate within 48-72 hours once we obtain it and email it to you before we mail it back to you. That way you can print out it and have a hard copy of your new Texas birth certificates or Texas death certificates.

Many cruise lines for example only require a photocopy of your birth certificate for when you take international cruises. Meaning you don’t need to physically have to have in your possession your original birth certificate or even the official certified copy to be able to go on your international vacation. 

  • We’re based in Austin, TX where the Texas Vital Records office is located at and it is the only place in Texas (or the world for that matter) that issues official raised seal long form birth certificates for every person that has ever been legally born in Texas.

What You Can Expect
If You Order Through
Texas Vital Records?

  • You can expect up to three hour long on phone hold times when you call Texas Vital Statistics. We hope you love horrible elevator music because you will be able to sing it by heart after the marathon on-hold wait times you could experience.
  • You can expect to wait in line (DMV office type of hell on earth) times up to four hours if you fly or drive all the way to Austin, TX with no guarantee they will issue you a birth certificate or death certificate that day. Think the waiting room scene in the movie ‘Beetlejuice’ but everyone is alive (we think) and not dead.
  • You can expect to never get an email reply to any email you ever send the state unless you’ve already ordered through them and have an order number. 
  • You can expect if you visit their horrible clunky government created website to be more confused and frustrated about what you need to do then before you visited it. Plus, their stated turnaround times are so far off from objective reality it’s not even funny.

Please don’t take our word for it on how awful it will be for you to deal with Texas Vital Records or how long it will really take for you to get your Texas birth certificate or Texas death certificate directly from the State of Texas using the online/mail-in application process.

Below are online screenshots from Texas Vital Statistics (Texas Vital Records) two official Google business listings from people just like you that share their horror stories of what happened when they ordered by mail/online directly from Texas Vital Records.

It’s like Russian Roulette when ordering birth or death records by mail or online through the state. Some people get “lucky” and get birth certificates or death certificates back in 3-4 months, others take 6-12 months, and still other outliers have waited a whopping two years as you’ll read from the below reviews. 

Instead of doing the smart and easy thing and that is to hire Birth Certificate Texas to handle and expedite file in person everything for you.

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