How do I order a long
form birth certificate?

If you are wondering how do I order a long form birth certificate the legal process is the exact same as if you wanted a short form birth certificate.

For Birth Certificate Texas to rush obtain a new long form birth certificate certified copy for you within 48-72 hours the State of Texas requires four documents that we must obtain from you so we can present all your birth certificate application paperwork to them.

  1. An original signed and notarized Texas Designation To Obtain a Vital Record form giving Birth Certificate Texas the authority to interact with Texas Vital Statistics and allow them to release your new birth certificate copy to us. You must mail this form to us.
  2. Download, complete, and sign our one-page Texas birth certificate replacement order form. You can email this to us.
  3. A prepaid FedEx or UPS return shipping label so we can mail your new Texas birth certificate back to you or to wherever or whomever you want it shipped to. You can email this to us.
  4. A valid government identification photo ID copy (U.S driver’s license, passport, state ID card, etc.) You can email this to us.

That’s it.

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