Do you have a service guarantee?

Yes, we guarantee to rush file a vital records application form based on the pertinent information that you provide us on your behalf with the Texas Vital Statistic office in Austin, TX in the time frame that you paid for.

We cannot and do not guarantee that there will be any person listed in the official State of Texas database once we file your vital records application form with the state. Meaning if no birth or death record event is found by the state with the information that you provided us the state cannot and will not issue a new birth certificate or death certificate copy to us or to anyone.

We only guarantee that we will rush file your vital records application form allowing the State of Texas to do a search records request in the time frame we offer. There are no refunds of any kind for any reason and if you make an error on the state authorization form that results in the state needing you to do a new application filing request or they cannot find any records you will have to pay us a second time if you wish for us to refile another vital record application form.

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