How and where do I create and purchase
a prepaid UPS return shipping label?




UPS Return Shipping Label


Go to ==>

Click on the Shipping tab ==>


UPS Step1


Then click on the Create a Shipment tab on the drop down menu  ==>


UPS Step2


Then fill in Birth Certificate Texas’s address as the shipping from address ==>


UPS Step3


Then fill in your address as the shipping to address ==>


UPS Step4


Then choose UPS letter as the packaging type. Then enter 0.5 lbs. as the weight. Then put the total package value as $10.00. *If you want to verify delivery by signature, choose that option ==>


UPS Step5


Then select how fast and on what date you want your documents delivered to you and UPS will give you various price quotes ==>


UPS Step6


Then in the what are you shipping field put in documents  ==>


UPS Step7


Then choose the credit card or PayPal option and make sure the enter a different billing address is checked. Then enter your billing address details.


UPS Step8


When asked for the return ship date just enter the approximate date that Birth Certificate Texas will receive your shipment (the date doesn’t matter because UPS will reprint a new updated shipping label whenever we drop it off to them).

When asked for the packaging type choose UPS letter. When asked for the envelope weight just enter 0.5lbs. When asked for the total package value enter $10.00.

Then download the PDF shipping label that UPS generates and you can either email the PDF shipping label to us or you can print it out and mail it to us along with your documents. That’s it.

You put the sender/from address as our mailing address:

Birth Certificate Texas
13359 US-183, Ste 406-588
Austin, TX 78750

You put the receiver/to address as wherever and whoever you want us to mail your documents back to.

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